About Me


At the age of 18 I left home to carve out my own path by serving our country as a United States Marine.  I had no idea I would make it my life and career.  20 years later I turned my weapons in at the armory for the final time.  During those years time I traveled the world with a gun, and now I continue my love of travel, only this time with a camera.

I would best be described as a Nikon shooter, a writer, a renowned curmudgeon slayer, and a clever humorist.

My love of photography originated while being a food, wine and travel writer, which helped me immensely in networking with clients.

My distinct photographic style is of rich, bold, and captivating images; constantly drawing you into the image. My eye for composition and detail, along with my style make my images creatively unique and distinctive.

While always protruding professionalism, I have an infectious love of life and sense of humor that make all clients feel completely at ease and involved throughout the process.

I am based in Boston, the Bean town of America. If you’d like to contact me please fill out the contact information on the bottom of this page. Cheers!

Some of my clients and associates where I have had my work done.