A nighttime stroll through Balboa Park

Without a doubt, most tourists are like birds; they cover a lot of ground during the day, when dusk falls they settle into their nests for the night.  It’s safer, or at least it feels safer.  To me the night is no different than the day; I just keep a keener sense of my surroundings.  There is an added benefit of exploring after sunset, the odds of waiting for people to walk out of your shot are dramatically reduced, because they are just not there.  Hells yeah!  Balboa Park in San Diego has always welcomed me with open arms, and on this night I couldn’t hug back because I had my camera in one hand and tripod in the other.

Balboa Park was initially built for the purpose of being the venue for the 1915 Panama-California Expo.  The story and all its history can be read here.  History and architecture draw me in like a Siren’s song mesmerizing sailors.

Botanical Building and Lily Pond

San Diego History Center

Passport to Balboa Park

Timkin Museum of Art Walkway

San Diego History Center

California Tower

San Diego Junior Theater

San Diego Junior Theater

Spanish Village Art Center

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