For the outsider in all of us.  I was excited to receive this month’s box from Bespoke.  It contained all things outdoors: an ultimate tool, a bird call, and a bar of soap made by Dr. Squatch himself.  You know, to wash up after the outing?

The Hori Hori from Barebones.  A multi-purpose tool that really is MULTI-purpose.  It can hammer, cut, saw, dig, measure, and even open a bottle.  The steel blade runs straight through the bamboo handle to the pommel, ensuring it’s strength.  The blade is curved to aid in gardening in tight spots, when a garden hoe may be too large for the task at hand.  The sturdy blade is serrated for cutting on one side and a straight blade on the other.  It even has a bottle opener that doubles as a twine cutter.  On the flip side there are notches in the blade at every inch as a measuring indicator.  The blade is a little over seven inches total.

Thanks to the pommel added to the hilt, it’s a well balanced tool.  You’ll have no problem pounding plant stakes should you forget where you put the hammer.  The sheath is made of durable canvas and a firm plastic lining.  The bottom of the sheath doesn’t have a hole because they ran out of cloth, it’s there to allow any soil, bark, or whatever to fall through, instead of becoming a sludgy mess.

The Audubon Bird Call from American Bird Products will help to draw in birds for viewing when you haven’t got the gift of contorting your tongue to whistle.  The creation of bird calls couldn’t be any easier, just twist the cast zinc plug against the birch cylinder.  If the call seems to stall out after a period just apply some of the pine rosin from the included capsule to the contact point of the wood and metal.  Happy tweeting, and no social media account needed.

Fear the stink no more my friends.  Let’s consider the Pine Tar soap bar from Dr. Squatch as a tool, a tool to get your grimy paws out of funksville.  Its components include oatmeal and sand for exfoliating, then shea butter and organic oils as moisturizers, and coming around the horn to finish up with a dude friendly woodsy scent.

The Bespoke monthly box subscription costs $45 per month with shipping included, and vary from month to month with a selection that you can choose to receive, ignore, or enhance with additional items at an additional cost depending on the items.  The items sold separately come to a total of $65, not including shipping charges per item, so this box is definitely a win.

This was not a sponsored post.

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