Cisco Ghost Town ~ And Then There Were None

Cisco is a ghost town in Grand County, Utah,  near the junction of State Route 128 and Interstate 70. In its heyday it had a saloon and served water-refilling station for the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad. The town’s decline coincided with the demise of the steam locomotive, making Cisco no longer needed for water stops.

Hard to believe, but it’s one of the most iconic ghost towns in the United States thanks to the film and music industry. Thelma & Louise, Vanishing Point, and Don’t Come Knocking were partially filmed in Cisco, and Johnny Cash wrote the song “Cisco Clifton’s Filling Station” supposedly after H. Ballard Harris fueled up Johnny’s car for seven bucks.

The town capped out at a population of 200, and steadily declined from there. As you walk around you’d swear everybody just got up and left, leaving everything behind, like an apocalypse.  It’s a ghost town that doesn’t give off a spooky vibe; however, it does give you a creepy vibe. By the look of the remaining vehicles residents probably moved out in the mid 90’s.

As you walk around you start to realize that it’s a perfect spot for a serial killer to wait on their prey. Now, about the walking around part, don’t get caught walking close to buildings as they are still private property, and this place does have law enforcement passing through. Two patrol cars came through during the hour I was there.


Dot March 13, 2017 - 2:14 pm

Wow – you make a ghost town look so beautiful!

focusedtraveler March 15, 2017 - 10:32 pm

🙂 Thank you!


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