Never Underestimate the Little Guy

underestimateIt’s not much to look at.  Presenting itself at approximately three inches long and curled like a pig’s tail.  Aside from its shortfalls, it possesses street cred.  Part of a world wide industry that conducts agricultural practices on over 17,000 acres, produces over 28,230,000 liters, and has in excess of 24,700,000 liters consumed.  The bible says Jesus changed water into wine during a wedding so guests would not thirst.  That would be known as some pretty big name dropping.  Just saying.

Statistics thanks to the Wine Institute.

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My name is Roger Paige, aka The Focused Traveler. Periodically I am also known as hey you, yahoo, and dinkus. For the last three years I have claimed the revered title of a Masshole by moving to Massachusetts. Prior to that I lived in Southern California for nearly thirty years. That would be the place where I cut my teeth in the media world’s pacifier called the web. What Exactly Do I Do? I am a time-traveler, a raconteur, lensman, and cinematographer. Well, the time-traveler may be a stretch but I like the term, so it’s staying. Telling stories is my thing. Telling stories along with pictures and video is my even bigger thing. Telling stories on social media platforms about how awesomely amazing brands and their products are by using my stories, photographs and video is my even bigger BIGGER thing. I photograph: food, both static and squirming on the plate, people, places, things, whatchamacallits and thingamajigs. My imagination knows no boundaries.

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