The Original Cigar & Bar of New Hampshire’s North Conway

original cigar bar-2I’m not quite sure why it’s called the Original Cigar & Bar, but I do know that it is a pleasant relief from traffic on highway 16.  North Conway is a tourist town on the western edge of Mount Washington and this place sits on the town’s northern edge.  Traffic on the weekend can get heavy, and I mean stop and go for miles, like fifteen of them.

The Original Cigar & Bar was like an oasis.  The staff was friendly, the beer was icy cold and from local breweries, and the cigar selection was grade A.  The humidification system kept all the sticks perfectly preserved, and the air purification system made sure the place didn’t resemble a smokehouse for salmon with smoke pouring out of the cracks.  If you want something other than beer they also have a full bar… nice.  They are now a definite stop on my trek whenever I go north.

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