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Dov Love Viramontes

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.Dov Love Viramontes is the imaginative creator of STREETMEETLA. It’s a place for brands, cinematographers, models, performers, photographers and anything and everything in between to collaborate, network, and share each others imagination and creativity. His positive vibe and love of collaborating are infectious. He gave me a minute of his time; see what makes him tick.


TFT: The meets are all over southern California, what city do you live in?
DLV: I live in Los Angeles.


TFT: What’s the farthest you’ve traveled to attend a meet?
DLV: I’ve actually hosted a meet in Las Vegas, and it was awesome! I’ve never actually attended a photo meet outside of Southern California.


TFT: What got you into the creation of @streetmeetla?
DLV: I’ve always loved Instagram, and I wanted to meet other photographers and models. I thought wouldn’t be cool to organize a photo meet in person. And that’s how Street Meet LA was born.


TFT: How long have you been collaborating these?
DLV: two years and four months!


TFT: I see other @streetmeetXX on instagram, are you all connected?
DLV: No.


TFT: Coordinating these takes some damn skill. What’s your background?
DLV: I’ve always been a team leader. I was president of a couple organizations throughout college and organized dozens of events. I also operate a photography company for events. Having this experience has really helped me when organizing and coordinating these meets.


TFT: Amazing performers and models show for these. How do you coordinate with them to attend?
DLV: Surprisingly because of social media, performers and models have found out about Street Meet LA. They thought it looked cool and started showing up.


TFT: At the events you have the Enola Gay smoke bombs available. I know they are hard to get. How’d you get into incorporating those?
DLV: I reached out to Enola Gaye wanting to purchase grenades for myself. To my surprise, they already knew who I was! I had a long conversation with them and I thought it would be cool to sell smoke grenades at photo meets. They also thought it was a good idea!


TFT: Do you ever get tired of it?
DLV: No I don’t think I could ever get tired of the photos meets. They’ve inspired so many people and that’s what I love.


TFT: What gives you your biggest rush at these meets?
DLV: The biggest rush I get is when I see people happy the meets.


Okay, time for the 30-second hot seat.
TFT: Homemade or take-out?
DLV: Homemade tastes better in the long run.


TFT: Salad or steak?
DLV: Salad for sure.


TFT: Beer or tequila?
DLV: Tequila.


TFT: Lil Jon or Marilyn Manson?
DLV: Lil Jon.


TFT: Instagram or Snap chat?
DLV: Instagram all the way!


TFT: Taking photos or getting photographed?
DLV: Take photos.


Final question.
TFT: What would you tell somebody who was curious about attending one of these meets, whether they are a photographer or performer?
DLV: I would say arrive with an open mind and be prepared to get some kick ass images. If you have business cards, bring them! Get ready to network and have a great time!!

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