The RnS Star stainless steel knife was presented to me for review.  It can be found at amazon here. This is a sponsored post in regard to the product itself.  The knife is small, which is what I like.  It can go straight in your pocket without getting in the way or needing a sheath.  The overall length is 6.8 inches, with the blade length being legal in most states sitting at 2.56 inches long.  The straight edge is a plus, as I don’t like knives that include a serrated portion.  It’s matt black finish is a good choice.  It has holes everywhere to minimize weight.  That’s a good thing, but it can also get coins snagged in it if they are also in your pocket.  Aside from the locking pin protruding out the side and breaking off, the knife is solid.  There is no wiggle between the blade and handle at all.  For knife aficionados that is a definite plus.

While it had it’s flaw with the locking lever breaking off I would pay fifteen bucks for it, but no more.

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